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Munich City


Munich, the capital of Bavaria is known for its centuries-old buildings and museums. Its annual Oktoberfest celebration is famous worldwide.  Munich is the largest city in the German state of Bavaria and is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg and is the 12th biggest city of the European union. It is famous for its Art, advanced technologies, education, business, and tourism and people in Munich enjoy having a high standard of living.


Munich MapThe name of the city comes from the German word ‘Munichen’ meaning “by the monks”. The climate in Munich center keeps fluctuating between humid and cold. Munich’s current mayor is Dieter Reiter of Social Democratic Party of Germany. The SPD governs Munich for all except 6 years since 1948.  It is an important part of the Free state of Bavaria. Munich is home to major corporations like Siemens, BMW, Linde, MunichREetc as well as many small and medium-sized companies.It consists of a number of national and international authorities, huge museums and theaters. It also has a number of architectural attractions as well as international sports events and exhibitions. Munich is the best destination for migration.


The city of Munich lies on the Elevated plains of upper Bavaria on the north of the northern edge of the  Alpes.The local rivers in Munich are the Isar and the Wurm.


The climate always lies between the humid continental climate and the oceanic climate. The warmest month of the year is July and the coolest month of the year is January. The highest temperature measured here is 37°C and -31°C. The higher elevation of Munich and the nearness of Alpescauses the city to have more rain and snow than many other cities in Germany.  The warm downhill wind can increase the temperature even in winter for quite some time. There are many weather fluctuations as it is in the Centre of Europe.


The city of Munich is one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. There are a number of music and arts venues and many events happening at all given times. There are several lively theater scenes as well. The city has several important art galleries. Also, the Museum Five Continents are the second largest collection in Germany of artifacts. Moreover, Munich has major art and cultural history museums.


Munich being the Nation’s third largest city, it has one of the best universities since it is a desirable place to live in. It also has the second highest score in affordability. Even though the living costs are slightly higher in Munich than in Berlin, the tuition fees are highly minimal or free.A few famous universities in Munich are Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Technical University of Munich, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich Business School etc. These universities offer various courses and amazing subject combinations as well.



Foreign engineers in Germany are in the news lately, in a good way. people from all around the world are welcomed to fill these vacancies that are there in Germany.  Germany has always emphasized on science and technology from the very beginning. There are maximum employment opportunities in  Hamburg, Stuttgart areas and in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Due to the shortage of engineers, the entry requirements are low.   In order to save up some money, many students take up part-time jobs or a weekend jobs. Thus, it is a great opportunity to make professional contacts.


Germany is the third most popular destination for studies abroad among students all around the world.  More than 12% of students in German universities come from abroad. Also, Germany has a number of universities that offer amazing subject selections and combinations and good courses and are considered of great value all over the world.  Students from all over the world including India consider coming to Germany because of the friendly environment, low-cost living, low or free of cost studies and good employment opportunities.


Students in German universities can experience bits and pieces of every neighboring culture as Germany is right in the heart of Europe.  Life for students in Germany is very much affordable. The Federal Government funds majority of institutions for higher education in Germany since it’s a Federal state. hence studying there becomes really cheap or almost free. Stay in Germany for students is cheap as well, cheap and healthy eats are available on every street and in every corner, there are places that serve to-go meals as well. There are many employment opportunities, internships and part-time jobs. Students in Germany can even choose between public and private health insurance. Students receive a number of price concessions. It involves discounts on movies, opera, museums, public swimming pools and other various cultural activities.


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