Hamburg city


The city of Hamburg, Germany is a major port city in the north of Germany. It is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River. It is the eighth largest city in the European Union and is the second largest city in Germany. And is the second smallest German state by area. This city has a fast expanding tourist destination for domestic as well as international tourists. It is known for being a major European Science, research and education hub consisting of many universities and institutes. It also has many creative industries and many cultural venues.


Hamburg mapHamburg gave birth to many world famous bands like The Beatles and is known for its many Theatres, a variety of musical shows.  This German city consists of 17 best universities in Germany. Hamburg is called Germany’s capital of sport. It is the nation’s field hockey capital and hosts many top teams. Hamburg has several significant architecturally significant buildings in a wide range of styles and very few skyscrapers. Churches are very important landmarks in Hamburg. Also, there are many parks distributed all over the city.


The city of Hamburg is at the Southern part of the Jutland Peninsula, between continental Europe to the south and Scandinavia to the north. The North sea to its west and Baltic Sea to its North-east. The city center is around the Binnenalster and Aubenlaster.


Hamburg usually has an oceanic climate due to its nearness to the coast. Snowfall has differed a lot in the past decades. Recently the winters have been less cold with less snowfall. The warmest months in this city are June, July and August with the highest temperature and the Coldest months in Hamburg are December, January and February with the lowest temperatures.


This German city has a number of theaters, museums and many music venues and clubs. A number of people have been attending various concerts over the years, exhibitions, theaters, cinemas, museums and cultural events as well. Also, the Hamburg state Opera is a Leading opera company. The major musical production companies are in Hamburg. The city of Hamburg is famous for its several festivals and regular events happening throughout the year. Some are street festivals, street parades, Christmas markets in December, the long nights of museums which offer entrance in about 40 museums in the cost of Brinen, Bohnen and Und Speck are the patent dishes in Hamburg.  And the Franzbrotchen, a flattened croissant like dessert. Moreover, the Elphiharmonie, Port of Hamburg, St. Pauli Piers and Cruise Ship, Hamburg Rathaus, St. Michael’s Church etc are few of the main sights for tourism in Hamburg.


This city is one of the 16 German states and therefore the Mayor of this city plays a role of a minister-president as well. As a German state government, it is responsible for public education, public safety, it is also responsible for the public libraries, sanitisation, water supply, welfare services as well as recreational Facilities.


There are 17 universities in here, with around 70,000 university students including the 9,000 alien residents. There are 6 public universities in this city and seven private universities.  The city also has small private colleges and universities.The university Medical Centre of Hamburg-Eppendorf, the university of Music and theater, the Hamburg University of applied Sciences, the HafenCity University Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Technology.The Bucerius Law School, Hamburg school ofBuisness Administration, Helmut Schmidt University etc.


Foreign engineers in Germany are in the news lately, in a good way. people from all around the world are welcome to fill these vacancies that are there in Germany.  Germany has always emphasized on science and technology from the very beginning. Also, there are maximum employment opportunities in  Hamburg, Stuttgart areas and in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Due to the shortage of engineers, the entry requirements are low.   In order to save up some money, many students take up part-time jobs or a weekend jobs. Thus, it is a great opportunity to make professional contacts.


Germany is the third most popular destination for studies abroad among students all around the world.  More than 12 % of students in German universities come from abroad. Also, Germany has a number of universities that offer amazing subject selections and combinations and good courses and are of great value all over the world.  Students from all over the world including India consider coming to Germany because of the friendly environment, low-cost living, low or free of cost studies and good employment opportunities.


Students in German universities can experience bits and pieces of every neighboring culture as Germany is right in the heart of Europe.  Life for students in Germany is very much affordable. The Federal Government funds a majority of institutions for higher education in Germany since it’s a Federal state. hence studying there becomes really cheap or almost free. Stay in Germany for students is cheap as well, cheap and healthy eats are available on every street and in every corner, there are places that serve to-go meals as well. However, there are many employment opportunities, internships and part-time jobs. Students in Germany can even choose between public and private health insurance. Students receive a number of price concessions. Also, It involves discounts on movies, opera, museums, public swimming pools and other various cultural activities.


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