Frankfurt is a central German city. It is on the river main. The European Central Bank is in Frankfurt and is a major Financial Hub. Frankfurt is a Metropolis and is also the Largest city in the German State of Hesse and is the fifth largest city in Germany. Frankfurt is a major world city and a global commerce, cultural, educational and tourism hub. The Frankfurt airport is the busiest airport in the world. Frankfurt does not need any description or introduction as it is one of the most famous cities in the world. Frankfurt is a business and technology hub of Germany which makes it even more important from the point of view of students who wish to study in Germany.


The Frankfurt Motor Show is the world’s largest motor show and the Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair. Frankfurt is a culturally and ethnically diverse City. The majority of young people in Frankfurt have a migration background. It also has the world’s largest internet exchange point.  Frankfurt has a number of cultural and educational institutions, in sports Frankfurt is the top tier football club. Frankfurt holds a number of modern bold and high-rise buildings. The architecture in Frankfurt is very distinct yet attractive. Frankfurt is one of the richest cities in Europe.


imgresThe river Main lies in the middle of the city of Frankfurt. The southern part of the city contains the Frankfurt forest. The center of the city is the northern part of the River Main. The city is divided into 46 city districts. It is quite a huge German city. Geographically, Frankfurt is a city full of forests, rivers, sound atmosphere and a very peaceful place to study as well as work and live. Most of the international students prefer to study in Frankfurt in comparison to any other German city.


The city of Frankfurt has over 30 museums and had the largest and the best variety of museums in Europe. ‘The musumsuferfest’ is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Germany. It is the birthplace of Euro-dance and Trance music. It was elected at the best Opera house in Germany in 2010 and 2011 and in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 its orchestra was elected to be the best orchestra in the year .along with art and music Frankfurt is also known for its scenic beauty. There are several amazingly beautiful gardens in the city. It has a number of distinct restaurants and bars offering various cuisines, nightclubs, pubs, etc… Culture has always been a part of Germany and it can be seen in different forms in different cities of Germany. Nothing beats a city full of culture and life with such educational opportunities as well as future career prospects.


Frankfurt usually has a temperate oceanic climate.  The climate is usually hot or humid in summers and pleasant in spring and autumn and it winters it’s usually very chilly. The temperature in this city is the highest in the month of August and lowest in the month of January. The climate is quite suitable for international students and does not cause any hindrance in their life. Most of the time, the climate is quite pleasant which is an add-on benefit.


The political and social conditions in this city are quite favorable for international students. Good international relations, as well as great mutual co-ordination within the German cities, has led to a smooth and systematic system. International cultural exchange programs, Global internships, campus transfers, dual university courses, etc are all possible in Germany because of the amazing political background and growing economy. Safety of women, students as well as all other people staying in Germany has always been a major part of German politics. This makes each and every German city extremely safe for local as well as international students. Germany focuses on high quality of life, a standard of living and provision of the best health care and infrastructural facilities to the people residing in Germany. Also, German politics has a great foresight and long-term vision in consideration to the development and growth of the country and its people!


Education in Frankfurt like the other things has great importance. The universities in there are one of the best universities in Germany. These universities offer a lot of under as well as post graduate courses along with great subject combinations. These universities offer various bachelors as well as masters programs. A few famous universities in Frankfurt are- Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt school of finance and management, Frankfurt University of applied sciences etc… Some of the best German universities offering various courses in medicine, Engineering, Masters, Management, Language and design, etc are listed as follows:

  • University of Jena
  • University of Zwickau
  • GISMA University.


Foreign engineers in Germany are in the news lately, in a good way. People from all around the world come to fill these vacancies that are there in Germany.  Germany has always emphasized on science and technology from the very beginning. There are maximum employment opportunities in Hamburg, Stuttgart areas and in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Due to the shortage of engineers, the entry requirements are low.  In order to save up some money, many students take up part-time jobs or a weekend jobs.

This is a great opportunity to make professional contacts. Also, after graduation, an international student studied in a good German university will have an extra edge over other students. This is due to language benefits, constant growth of the German economy, global relations, practical experience and much more. Therefore, students graduated from German universities will always be respected and valued in the global arena.


Germany is the third most popular destination for studies abroad among students all around the world.  More than 12 % of students in German universities come from abroad. Also, Germany has a number of universities that offer amazing subject selections and combinations and good courses and are considered of great value all over the world.  Students from all over the world including India consider coming to Germany because of the friendly environment, low-cost living, low cost of studies and good employment opportunities. Thousands of international students, especially, Indian students come to Frankfurt to study, stay and make their careers.


Students in German universities can experience bits and pieces of every neighboring culture as Germany is right in the heart of Europe.  Life for students in Germany is very much affordable. The majority of institutions for higher education in Germany are funded by the Federal Government since it’s a Federal state. Hence studying there becomes really cheap or almost free. Stay in Germany for students is cheap as well, cheap and healthy eats are available on every street and in every corner, there are places that serve to-go meals as well. There are many employment opportunities, internships, and part-time jobs. Moreover, students in Germany can even choose between public and private health insurance. Students receive a number of price concessions and discounts on the movie, opera, museums, public swimming pools and other various cultural activities.


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