berlin city


Berlin is the Capital of Germany. This city is known for its Holocaust memorial and the Berlin wall’s remains which was divided during the Cold War.  The city is known for its outstanding art and several modern landmarks. Berlin’s simultaneously fast-paced and relaxed life and vibe and a number of open spaces to breathe fresh air attracts hundreds of students and tourists as well. It is also the greenest city in Germany. Berlin is one of the most exciting destination in Europe.


Germany Map showing berlinPeople in Berlin have a quite laid-back way of living their life. As the weather in this city gets warmer the people move outdoors to the beaches, bars, pavement cafes, open- air cinemas and theaters.  It is the city of Art, artists and museums. People from all around the world gather in this German city to celebrate the Berlin Philharmonic. It has the latest trends in lifestyle. Its outstanding creativity attracts artists and art students from all around the world.  Education in Berlin has great importance. It particularly emphasizes on higher education. It has the highest number of universities and colleges in Germany offering a wide range of disciplines and courses with great subject combinations. As a city, Berlin is full of life, culture and abundant future prospects. Moreover, it has always welcomed international students


The city of Berlin in situated in the North Eastern part of Germany along the Spree river in Eastern Germany. It lies within the state of Brandenburg. The highest elevation in Berlin is on the Muggelberge and the lowest elevation in Berlin is in Spandau.  Berlin is subdivided into twelve districts . Each district is made up of a number of sub-districts.


Climate in this city is usually mild continental due to its inland position. It has a maritime temperate climate.  There are major climate differences between the seasons. Frosts in winters in Berlin is quite common. Also, summers in this city are sometimes warm and sometimes humid, spring and autumn here is usually chilly and pleasant. This shows that the climate in Berlin does not pose a problem for international students, especially, Indian students.


Berlin is famous for its cultural institutions many of which have an international reputation.  There is great cultural diversity in Berlin. There is an innovative music, art and dance platform that has developed over the years.  It is a popular entertainment center and is famous throughout the world. The culture is expanding to a great extent day by day. Universities in Berlin also give a lot of importance to culture and tradition which gives international students a great insight into the German way of life! This further makes it easier for students to settle down in Germany after their education.


Berlin is one of the three City states in Germany. The Senate there that is the Executive body of Berlin consists of the Mayor and eight senators holding the ministerial positions out of which one holds the position of the Deputy to the Governing Mayor. The Mayor of this city is at the same time the Lord Mayor of the city as well as the Minister-President of the Federal State of Berlin. Great international relationships have always been a part and parcel of German politics.

This encourages German universities and top German schools to inculcate international exchange programs, Global internship opportunities and much more. This is possible even within the country. Germany focuses on high quality of life, standard of living and provision of the best health care and infrastructural facilities to the people residing in Germany. Thus, German politics has a great foresight and long term vision in consideration to the development and growth of the country and its people!


This German city is considered to be an upcoming center for higher education in Germany. It has the maximum concentration of Universities and private as well as public colleges in Germany providing a variety of courses. it also has a number of public as well as private research centers and technical colleges. Few of the universities in Berlin are, Humboldt University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin, Technical University of Berlin, ESCP Europe, Berlin University of the Arts, Beuth University of Applied Sciences, HTW Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Alice Salmon University and Hertie School of Governance etc…Also, some of the best German universities offering various courses in medicine, Engineering, Masters, Management, Language and design, etc are listed as follows:

  • University of Jena
  • University of Zwickau
  • GISMA university.


Foreign engineers in Germany are in the news lately, in a good way. People from all around the world come to fill these vacancies that are there in Germany.  Germany has always emphasized on science and technology from the very beginning. There are maximum employment opportunities in Hamburg, Stuttgart areas and in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Due to the shortage of engineers the entry requirements are low.  In order to save up some money many students take up part time jobs or a weekend jobs.

This is a great opportunity to make professional contacts. Also, after graduation, an international student studied in a good German university will have an extra edge over other students. This is due to language benefits, constant growth of the German economy, global relations, practical experience and much more. Students from German universities are always have respect and value in the global arena.


Germany is the third most popular destination for studies abroad among students all around the world.  More than 12 % of students in German universities come from abroad.  Germany has a number of universities that offer amazing subject selections and combinations and good courses and are considered of great value all over the world.  Students from all over the world including India consider coming to Germany because of the friendly environment, low cost living, low or free of cost studies and   good employment opportunities. Berlin has more than 10,000 international and Indian students coming in every year.


Students in German universities can experience bits and pieces of every neighboring culture as Germany is right in the heart of Europe.  Life for students in Germany is very much affordable. The majority of institutions for higher education in Germany are funded by the Federal Government since it’s a Federal state. hence studying there  becomes really cheap or almost free. Stay in Germany for students is cheap as well, cheap and healthy eats are available on every street and in every corner there are places that serve to-go meals as well. There are many employment opportunities, internships and part time jobs. Students in Germany can even choose between public and private health insurance. Moreover, students receive a number of price concessions and discounts on movie, opera, museums, public swimming pools and other various cultural activities.


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