Every student wishes to study in Europe. Do you wish to get 100% Scholarship meaning the government granting zero tuition fees? Of course, that’s not enough. One would wish to have highly practical and life changing programs leading to employment in world leading companies. The only option in the world for these aspirations is to study in Germany. Of course, it is not believable but it is true. You do not need to pay any tuition fees to study in Germany, even in the top ranked German universities. Germany is considered to be land of innovation. Thousands of Indian students now prefer Germany as their higher education destination. The programs offered in Germany include MS in Engineering, Medical PG (MD / MS), B.Tech and MBA. Many programs are taught in English and also in German language. The country which has successfully created the most innovative, trusted brands in automobile industry. It is also the most stable economically among all the European countries. Accordingly, if you get a chance to study in Germany, it is definitely worth snapping that opportunity. Think about working in Mercedes or BMW! So where is the catch?

Epic Education Quality

Epic Education Quality

Germany is itself known for Technology. Student will study in latest technological environment

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Reliable counselling & guidance to select the country and the university is the most important service provided by MOKSH.


Guidance to the student is more important than just the admission. Suitable university selection is supported through Guidance sessions!


All your travel requirements such as Air Ticket, Visa, Airport pick up & drop to hostel is taken care by us,

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study in Germany roadmap

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

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